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on Impact and Community: February's Newsletter

newletters self study Feb 20, 2022

Hi friend - it's been a while,

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In, what feels like, our fully virtual world these days, Ruby and I are missing community. A conversation that we have all the time is how much we miss feeling held by a familiar space - it feels like we're all a little damaged and bruised right now and that we don't really remember how to trust each other, how to speak to strangers, how to operate from a space of "the world can be a safe place" when all we see is terrible news every day. We're continuously bombarded with "you're not doing enough" from every angle. We're not doing our self-care right, or how we're all problematic for someone, or that we're a victim of something or that someone else is a victim of us. It's exhausting to be on guard all the time isn't it?


What feels really present to me right now is that getFIT615 *and Shakti Yoga Athens for Ruby* was a sanctuary for me when I lived in Nashville. And it wasn't because of what I created, it was because of the people that were drawn to that familiar space. Literally, you. The way a brand-new-to-Nashville person, or just new to the space, would come down that little hallway looking for something... usually a place that felt welcoming, and a friendly face to invite them in, a sign that they were in the right place. And yeah, all of our teachers were welcoming and friendly, but even better, the other people in the class who were open to meeting someone new. That energy feels so divine. Like a hug. Like a big exhale after you've been holding your breath for the whole day... the whole week... maybe years. 


Long story short, you make the world a better place when you say hello to someone who maybe feels a little bit lost, or a little bit lonely - hell, I'll even take that knowing eye-smile (a smize feels different from this? I dunno.) from behind a mask. You impact the people around you all the time in the way that you just simply exist. It's certainly not your job to exist in any sort of way - but it is our responsibility to remember that we impact each other. Even you. Even you on the days where you feel small or deflated or lonely. Because you're not an island. You aren't alone. You impact this place. You've impacted us.


This is how I started getFIT615 - it was a blog first. I made posters and hung them at my favorite spots in town and I sent out emails that told you how you could move your body and meet people in Nashville, and what I was learning about moving my body in different spaces. It was the job I created for myself while I worked full time at another job that I hated and was in a relationship that, as Ruby would say, was giving crumbs. And crumbs, are never cake. Ever. getFIT615 impacts me, and you've influenced her, and we've all affected each other. I fucking love that.



Through the Duality Project, that keeps going - the impacting of each other. The growing together, the learning together. Growing into people who do what we say we're doing to do, who show up with open hearts, and who trust ourselves to be powerfully compassionate. We do this work alone and together, and it impacts the world.



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