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Workplace Wellness is Necessary

You spend a lot of time and money hiring the right people. Get the most, and the best, of those right hires by fostering wellbeing in and outside the workplace. Your people make your workplace culture - put them first and start cultivating a culture of creativity, collaboration, and momentum. The future is your business, your business is your people.


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Welcome to the Human-Centered Framework for Workplace Wellness

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Better Performance

Employees who feel valued are more positive and perform better, so while investing in workplace wellness programs may be an up-front cost, this investment will yield long-term benefits for your company for years to come.

Research by BetterUp

Connection is Key

When leaders make social connection an organizational priority — and take active measures to facilitate it across the employee spectrum — they see higher performance, productivity, well-being, talent retention, and more.

Livia Martini - Chief People Officer

Workplace Wellness Pays Off

78% of survey respondents say their wellness program reduced health care costs, and 85% reported it reduced the cost of talent recruitment, retention, and/or engagement, and 85% report lower sick-day utilization. 


We're Kate & Ruby

Through our collective 20 years of experience guiding individual and team growth and development, we've noticed is that there's a missing link for most businesses: a gap between who you say you want to be and how you really are. It's time to mind the gap, if you will and we're here to help.

We've created a 9 theme human-centered framework for wellbeing in the workplace.

We've both founded and sold businesses - businesses that were built on values. Values that came from us that we somehow had to implement within our teams. Entrepreneurship is like taking a firehose of personal and leadership development to the face, every day.

Your business is likely one of the most personal parts of your life. We get that. Fully.

We're here to bring you, and your teams, home from the brink of burnout and help you transform your business into a place where connection takes place, and where your employees' well-being leads to creativity, productivity, and growth.

"An experience with the Duality Project is a gift."
I needed help setting & enforcing boundaries, particularly with my employees. They helped guide me through the process with care & compassion. After 10 sessions, I feel significantly more confident in my ability to lean into difficult conversations.
"Kate & Ruby collaborate in a unique way and are extremely gracious and genuine. They present challenges while encouraging deep connection."


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When businesses help their employees succeed, their employees help the business succeed.

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