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All the major shifts you've been waiting for in order to live On Purpose and In Joy have one thing in common: Your SELF



We're Kate & Ruby,

co-founders of the Duality Project, and we're here to teach you how to live a more authentic life.. 

We know it's possible because we're here doing it... and thrilled to share our process with you!
We believe life's meant to be lived FULLY and In Joy, and we also know that means we've all gotta grow up On Purpose along the way.
Chances are you feel the same, but you're not quite sure how to make that happen in your life...
The good news is: We're here to help you get there... and all you need to bring along is your Self and your willingness to take a deeper look.


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 Showing Up For Yourself Isn’t Selfish

Start living On Purpose and In Joy today.


Who We Are

The Duality Project is empowerment from the inside. We seek to live life on purpose so that we can more intentionally and intimately show up in our relationships, and our communities.

What We Do

With a healthier perspective on self-development, we offer the Self Study Program, the Self Study Podcast and one-on-one Self Study coaching that bridge the gap between who you want to be and how you actually show up.

What You Receive

Through exploration and awareness you’ll discover a deeper understanding of yourself to become happier, healthier, and more grounded.
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With our collective 20 years of experience guiding people's growth and development, we have created the Self Study Program - the first-of-it's-kind 9-month, comprehensive growth and empowerment curriculum to guide you into self-discovery,  authentic connection, and personal integrity.

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✨ What People Are Saying ✨

"The biggest thing I’ve gained is a better understanding of what is my responsibility vs what isn’t in my relationships."

- Sarah

"The structure really helped me stay conscious and present. I was able to make more kind decisions for myself in the moment."

- Katie

"(The themes) tie together really well and I can always go back to them when I'm trying to process something new."

- Carmen

How you show up for yourself is how you’ll show up in the world.

It’s time to start showing up.

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Is the Self Study Program for you?  

The Self Study Program is a 9-month deep dive into your Self through guided personal development, accountability, and care.

Let's Find Out

Express Yourself with Confidence & Compassion


The Self Study Program gives you the skills and techniques to explore your feelings, identify your needs, set boundaries, and communicate clearly and compassionately so that who you want to be aligns with how you show up.

Dig Deeper &
Get to the Root


The Self Study Program offers a container for inquiry and self-discovery. It's a place for you to land. When you give yourself a framework for accountability, you open yourself to the possibilities that are awaiting you.

Lean Into
Support & Care


The Self Study Program is a group coaching curriculum that fosters autonomy, 'yes, and' thinking, and meaningful connection.
We do it together as a reminder that
you are not alone

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Each month on the Self Study Podcast, you’ll hear:

⚡️ Real talk - Stories of growth, learning, challenge, and compassion

⚡️ Deep discussion around themes like presence, trust, courage, nuance, censorship, and more 

⚡️ Thought-provoking inquiry for you to take into your life

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Get your own Self Study journal, and start living On Purpose & In Joy Today

 Are you ready to:
⚡️ Feel alive in your personal life?
💡 Reconnect to your WHY and your values?
✨ Create the life you want to live?
🌟 Know what you want and trust yourself?
💛 Experience more intimacy?
💫 Feel inspired again?
🌤 Understand your emotions?
This workbook was made for you.
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Dec 14, 2022