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Hi, we're Kate & Ruby,


Enneagram: 8 & 3
Core Value: Authentic Connection & Vitality
Sun Signs: Sagittarius ♐️ & Gemini ♊️
Favorite Self Care: Saying What Needs to be Said & Jumping Around and Making Noise


We know that living an authentic life starts with your SELF, and we're here to help you explore that.


1 Showing up for yourself is NOT selfish - it's essential.

We do it together as a reminder that we are not alone.


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We started the Duality Project in 2015 from a desire to hold space for people beyond fitness classes and our then brick-and-mortars, getFIT615 (est 2014) & Shakti Yoga Athens (est 2017).

What began as women's retreats has since evolved into a multi-faceted business, a 9-theme curriculum, and a mission for us all to grow up On Purpose so that we can be doing life FULLY and In Joy.

Through our collective 20 years of experience guiding people's growth and development, we've noticed is that there's a missing link for most folks, a gap between who we say we want to be and how we really are. It's time to mind the gap, if you will.

That's where the Self Study Practice comes in!


With a healthier perspective on self-development, we offer the Self Study program, the Self Study Podcast and one-on-one Self Study coaching that help bridge that gap, so that who you want to be becomes how you actually show up in the world.

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Hey, I'm Kate!

I'm an 8 on the Enneagram, my sun sign is Sagittarius, and so is my rising sign so yeah, you got it: fire on fire on fire.

I love tools like the enneagram and astrology to accompany my Self Study practice, but something you should know about fire is that it can't survive in a closed box. 🙂

I grew up outside of Richmond, Virginia. I was a dancer for 18 years, and when I was 9 I got to sing a solo in Carnegie Hall with the children's choir I was in!
I LOVE being a vessel for creativity and entertainment and expression. Being a singer and dancer taught me how to listen and how to feel both myself and those around me and I love how I get to incorporate that into my career and my life as a whole.
I moved to Nashville for college, got a degree in the Music Business, worked in management and festival production, was told that women could be one of two things: a doormat or a bitch. So I quit.
And started my own business called getFIT615 when I was 24 - it was the gym that I needed when I was younger. It was a place where you could come and move your body in ways that felt good for you without anybody ever telling you that the goal was to change the shape of your body or get smaller or even get stronger. You could come there and just... be.
Ruby and I started leading Heartfelt retreats the following year together because we both had this random sense that we wanted to work together. We've followed that instinct every step of the way.
I went through a big break up the same year I opened the gym with somebody who I deeply loved but there was this part in me that said, "this aint it."
That's what we mean when we say self-led. That somewhere inside, a part of you knows what's right for you and what's not. WHO's right for you and who's not. Our lifelong work Is to uncover that part and listen more closely.
The first blog post I ever wrote was called, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and that's truly what I've been up to ever since. I've followed that part of me that says, "This is it!" or "Nope. Try again."
I sold the gym in 2021 because it was time. I moved out to Colorado to take care of my niece full-time and after one snow packed winter and a few other "hard-no's" I'll be landing back in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia early 2023 to begin the next chapter.
I'll be gardening, and painting, and giving new life and purpose to the house that I grew up in, and that my parents announced their divorced in, in so please feel free to share all your tips and tools!

And by the way, I'm a certified Personal Trainer, an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, and a licensed Integral Coach.

I specialize in offering guidance for:
🤗 Relationship with Self
🥰 Intimacy in Relationships
🚫 Boundaries & Empowerment
👍 Embodied Leadership
🔥 Anger
🧠 Emotional Intelligence
👁 Body Awareness & Somatic Intelligence *Embodiment*
✨ Meditation & Mindfulness
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Compassionate Parenting & Reparenting
🙋‍♂️ Men who are interested in personal development and growth
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Howdy, I'm Ruby!

When I was a little girl strangers would look into my huge, round doe-eyes and call me a wise soul. My whole life I've had what feels like an extra sense - to Spirit, to God, to my Ancestors, to The Next Right Thing.

That, and I have a gift for holding space for people. I learned how to do that early on in life.

Put two and two together, and here I am doing exactly what I know I was designed to do: Creating containers for people to tap into their own extra sense.

I've been facilitating growth and development in others through my work for 10 years, and in myself for as long as I can remember (ie *me reading The 7 Habits in the 7th grade*).

I'm a Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising, a 3 on the Enneagram, ESFJ-A, and a Manifesting Generator in Human Design. I'm the first to dive headfirst into any personality profile; I love to gather knowledge and apply it to my life.

And I've always believed in Something Bigger, something mystical, something huge and generous and loving and beyond my comprehension. 

I'm obsessed with our work here at the Duality Project because we highlight the YES, AND's of life.

Yes, facts. And, magic.

I grew up in the mountains of North Georgia, and I've lived in Nashville, Los Angeles, Athens (Georgia) and now Colorado Springs.

My life has been full of Yes, And's:

Yes, I lost my dad to cancer when I was 17, And I was able to give him a Father's Day card the day before telling him how much he meant to me.

Yes, I opened my own brick-and-mortar business in 2017. I poured my heart and soul into creating a magical space for people to feel seen, And I sold it five years later to the exact person who could hold it.

Yes, I broke up with my boyfriend of 10 years in 2020 because I knew that relationship couldn't give me what I needed, And 2 months later I met the love of my life (and subsequently the best sex of my life!)

Over the years I've been disappointed by the Wellness and Self-Help Industries' propensity to treat growth like an answer to 'How to Fix Myself Quick', leaving very little room for the Yes, And's.

As a recovering perfectionist myself, the Self Study Practice has helped me to shift out of fixing-in-order-to-get-perfect and into evolving-without-a-destination-for-the-sake-of-vitality.

I have recently gotten into painting, I make a mouth-watering Pad Thai, and my favorite ways to move are Walk-N-Talks with friends and jumping around to music. Send me your favorite playlist!

Oh, and I'm an E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

I specialize in offering guidance for:
🕊️ Relationship with Self
👩‍❤️‍👨 Intimacy in Relationships 
💔 Healing through Breakups
🍄 Emotional Intelligence & Empowerment
⏱️ Work / Life Balance & Time-Management
💥 Life-Vision, Goal-Setting, Manifestation
🕯️ Daily Routine & Wellbeing
🌿 Yoga & Ayurveda: Body Awareness
🧘🏻‍♀️ Meditation & Mindfulness
🥳 Creativity & Self-Expression

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Without sounding cliche, Kate and Ruby changed the course of my life. Call it timing or kismet, but for me, their work was deeply meaningful and magical. They collaborate in a unique way and are extremely gracious and genuine. Kate and Ruby present challenges while encouraging deep connection—to yourself and to others.

An experience with the Duality Project is a gift. It provides the opportunity to learn while unlearning, become grounded while growing, speak your truth while listening, and so much more. It’s something that will last a lifetime and I’ll treasure it forever.

- Natalia Cooper

Our logo is all about the containers of nuance, compassion, and courage we create together - the way that shapes and designs co-create a container.

It speaks to the ways in which we are all interconnected and creative - we’re also all individuals with specific wants, needs, and desires.

We are all co-creators of our worlds, societies, and spaces.

Welcome to this container ✨

Together, we look forward to co-creating a brave and powerful space with you.

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