Hi, we're Kate & Ruby, co-founders of the Duality Project,

and we're here to teach you how to live a more authentic life.


Through our collective 20 years of experience guiding people's growth and development, what we've most noticed is that there's a missing link for most folks, a gap between who we say we want to be and how we really are. It's time to mind the gap, if you will.

With a healthier perspective on self-development, we offer programs and coaching that help bridge that gap, so that who you want to be becomes how you actually show up in the world.

 Who We Are 


 The Duality Project offers personal and professional development to support growth and empowerment.


Through coaching, self-study, retreats, and authentic content we empower people to stand in their own integrity and to take charge of their own lives. 


We believe in human-ness - the nuance of it all - so that we all can continuously grow together to be more compassionate, kind, loving, and connected.


Kate is a certified Personal Trainer and E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher. She is also currently in the process of becoming a licensed Integral Coach.

Ruby is both an E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher and is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

Without sounding cliche, Kate and Ruby changed the course of my life. Call it timing or kismet, but for me, their work was deeply meaningful and magical. They collaborate in a unique way and are extremely gracious and genuine. Kate and Ruby present challenges while encouraging deep connection—to yourself and to others.

An experience with the Duality Project is a gift. It provides the opportunity to learn while unlearning, become grounded while growing, speak your truth while listening, and so much more. It’s something that will last a lifetime and I’ll treasure it forever.

- Natalia Cooper

Our logo is all about the containers of nuance, compassion, and courage we create together - the way that shapes and designs co-create a container.

It speaks to the ways in which we are all interconnected and creative - we’re also all individuals with specific wants, needs, and desires.

We are all co-creators of our worlds, societies, and spaces.

Welcome to this container ✨

Together, we look forward to co-creating a brave and powerful space with you.


We are light + dark. We are students + teachers. We are strong + soft. We have fun + are challenged. We are hard workers + masters of flow. We are feminine + masculine. We are grounded + growing. We are courageous + doubtful. We are experts + beginners. We are givers + receivers. We are consistent + spontaneous. We are open + set clear boundaries. We are vulnerable + powerful beyond measure. We are love + fear.


Duality gives us the opportunity to realize the greatness that lies in the notion that “both/and” can exist. We are working towards having the strength to hold both. We are best together.

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