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Hi, we're Kate & Ruby,

We're your Self Study Coaches. And we're here to teach you how to live a more authentic life, one that's filled with vitality, pleasure, and passion.

We've both been through breakups, cross-country moves, career shifts, parents' divorces, family illnesses, and employees stealing from our small businesses. We’ve both felt like something vitally important was missing from our lives.

In 2015, we thought “There must be more to life than a series of shitty events with short breaks in between.” We were tired of looking in all the scattered places trying to find solutions. We knew that true answers only come from within. So we developed a framework called the My Self Study Practice that helped us rediscover the vitality that was missing from our lives and ground us back into our inner knowing through 9 transformational themes.

Over the years we've helped more than 7500 people get back in the driver's seat of their life through the concepts that are now the My Self Study Practice.

We've supported people who felt stuck in miserable jobs, with emotionally unavailable partners, and unfulfilling friendships. Through the My Self Study Practice, they discovered their passion for life again. They finally gained the courage to live life on their own terms, which has included traveling the world, falling in love, starting their own businesses, and becoming parents for the first time.


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The My Self Study Practice is designed to ground you back into your inner knowing. To reconnect you with yourself. To reframe your relationship to yourself so that it becomes loving and kind. To help you discern between healthy fear actually keeping you safe and fear that's just holding you back and keeping you locked out of your vitality, pleasure, and passion.

It's designed to empower you to step off of the hamster wheel of what you 'should' be doing and into the life that you want to be living.

With a healthier perspective on self-development, we offer the Self Study program, the Self Study Podcast and one-on-one Self Study coaching to help you bridge the gap between who you want to be and how you actually show up in the world.

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Hey, I'm Kate!

I specialize in offering guidance for:

🤗 Relationship with Self
🥰 Intimacy in Relationships
🚫 Boundaries & Empowerment
👍 Embodied Leadership
🔥 Anger
🧠 Emotional Intelligence
👁 Body Awareness & Somatic Intelligence *Embodiment*
✨ Meditation & Mindfulness
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Compassionate Parenting & Reparenting
🙋‍♂️ Men who are interested in personal development and growth

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Howdy, I'm Ruby!

I specialize in offering guidance for:

🕊️ Relationship with Self
👩‍❤️‍👨 Intimacy in Relationships 
💔 Healing through Breakups
🍄 Emotional Intelligence & Empowerment
⏱️ Work / Life Balance & Time-Management

💥 Life-Vision, Goal-Setting, Manifestation
🕯️ Daily Routine & Wellbeing
🌿 Yoga & Ayurveda: Body Awareness
🧘🏻‍♀️ Meditation & Mindfulness
🥳 Creativity & Self-Expression

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Without sounding cliche, Kate and Ruby changed the course of my life. Call it timing or kismet, but for me, their work was deeply meaningful and magical. They collaborate in a unique way and are extremely gracious and genuine. Kate and Ruby present challenges while encouraging deep connection—to yourself and to others.

An experience with the Duality Project is a gift. It provides the opportunity to learn while unlearning, become grounded while growing, speak your truth while listening, and so much more. It’s something that will last a lifetime and I’ll treasure it forever.

- Natalia Cooper

Our logo is all about the containers of nuance, compassion, and courage we create together - the way that shapes and designs co-create a container.

It speaks to the ways in which we are all interconnected and creative - we’re also all individuals with specific wants, needs, and desires.

We are all co-creators of our worlds, societies, and spaces.

Welcome to this container ✨

Together, we look forward to co-creating a brave and powerful space with you.

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