the Self Study Program 2024

#5 on Acceptance

Season #1 Episode #5

Welcome to the Self Study Podcast! In this episode, Kate and Ruby of the Duality Project share what it means to have a Self Study Practice and they dive into the SECOND theme of the Self Study Program: Acceptance. They also share exercises for you to practice that help you deepen your capacity for acceptance. Regarding how presence, the first theme we explore in this series, and acceptance support each other Ruby says, "The freedom is in how presence and acceptance give way to clarity and therefore, appropriate responsibility. It’s the energy of take what you need, and leave the rest." Do that with this podcast, take what you need and leave the rest.

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- Book with "river of integration" described at minute 8: we literally can’t find it on Ruby’s bookshelf because we have both moved twice since Kate found this book one day, but we’ll update this when we find it because we WILL find it :)

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