the Self Study Program 2024

#7 on Trust

Season #1 Episode #7

Welcome to the Self Study Podcast! In this episode, Kate and Ruby of the Duality Project share what it means to have a Self Study Practice and they dive into the THIRD theme of the Self Study Program: Trust. They also share exercises for you to practice that help you deepen your capacity for trust. In this episode we unpack the 7 Elements of Trust developed by Brene Brown, we offer practices and plenty of storytelling to give you a deeper idea of what trust feels like in your body *shout out to Mickie in San Francisco*, and we even came up with this great idea: a podcast club! Do you have one?! Are you in one?! Should we start one!?

Here's our favorite quote from this episode: “If you’re honest about what’s real for you, shame can’t exist - because what’s true is just neutral unless we categorize it as otherwise.”

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At minute 8:20 when Kate’s talking about the seat belt sign being off she says, “acceptance is the seatbelt light being off” she really meant to say, “trust is the seatbelt light being off” :)


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