the Self Study Program 2024

#11 on Freedom

Season #1 Episode #11

Welcome to the Self Study Podcast by the Duality Project. The next theme of the Self Study Program is all about freedom! The Self Study Program is a 9 month deep dive into yourself. This podcast walks you through each theme individually - and offers practices, journaling prompts, self awareness activities, and meditations for you to practice on your own time, for free!

The Self Study Program is a group coaching curriculum that includes group calls as well as one-on-one calls with Kate and Ruby, your Self Study Coaches.

In this episode Kate and Ruby talk about what freedom feels like in our bodies and how to access that. They discuss the relationship between responsibility and freedom, how empathy plays a roll in our collective freedom, and how positions of leadership are impacted by our own freedom and responsibility.

This episode even shares a great 5 Day Practice to Cultivate More Freedom! There's a bonus episode of this 5 days challenge that Kate walks you through. 

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