the Self Study Program 2024

#10 5 Day Challenge: on Freedom!

Season #1 Episode #10

Today the Duality Project has something really fun for you: A 5 days challenge that will support you in cultivating more personal freedom in your life.

This is PERFECT timing with the holidays coming up because something that usually feels like freedom is saying what you need to say and the holidays are always a time where... we need to SAY something to SOMEBODY and it feels a little harder than usual ya know?

Or that whole seasonal depression thing? This will help you get some practices under your belt that might help remind you that it won't always be this cold, or that you're not as trapped as you actually feel. This is also a great way to remind you that you're supported, and you deserve to be supported. You also deserve to be free.

Assata Shakur reminds us that "It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.” This starts with us, and in our bodies... 

Throughout this season of the podcast, you can go through and see that we've dropped quite a few 10 minute-ish bonus episodes that include things like journaling practices or meditations which are such a great thing to come back to over and over and over again - so make sure you take a look at those while you're scrolling through podcast episodes.

The next theme of the Self Study Program that's coming out is all about freedom and in the next 10 minutes, Kate offers 5 day challenge - you can start it at any time. Would starting it today and practicing it through this holiday week be perfect?! It sure would be :)


Check out this playlist if you need a place to start!

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