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#12 on Boundaries

Season #1 Episode #12

We cover a LOT in this episode: boundaries are hard and NECESSARY and doable! Kate and Ruby share stories about their experience in their 20s having very few boundaries with people in their lives, how that impacted their businesses, and some of those hard-learned lessons. There's always a relationship between a boundaries and possibility and not setting boundaries ruins relationships.

Prentis Hemphil describes boundaries as, "the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously."

A questions that arises throughout this episode when it comes to setting boundaries is "do you have a trustworthy 'no'"? And Ruby reminds you that "you deserve to have relationships that are mutual in respect, care, support, and love, and meeting of needs... and household chores."


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We dive into WHY we decided to offer 3 cohorts this year and WHO each one is really for.


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