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Self-Study Coaching with Kate

Self-Study Coaching with Kate is 10 virtual one-on-one 50 minute sessions where growth, care, and personal discovery take place. Go deeper.

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Self-Study Coaching with Ruby

Self-Study Coaching is a one-on-one guided self-development coaching program based on the Duality Project's signature 9-theme curriculum. It includes 10 virtual 50 minute sessions where growth, care, and personal discovery take place.

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Whole Self Embodiment: Movement, Yoga & Mindfulness with Ruby

 This offering is 12 virtual 30 minute sessions (3 per week for 4 weeks) with Ruby designed to bring equanimity into your life and provide accountability and structure for helping you establish your own healthy habits and routines.

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Whole Self: Intro to Ayurveda with Ruby

Intro to Ayurveda with Ruby is 3 virtual one-on-one sessions designed to explore imbalances and establish practices and routines to bring integrity back into your mind, body, and heart through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

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Whole Self Ayurveda Check-In with Ruby

This 50 minute call is meant for anyone who has already done Intro to Ayurveda to follow-up, ask questions, and receive guidance on current doshic challenges or imbalances.

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Mindframe Manifestation Method with Ruby

This is a 90 minute guided session through Ruby's Mindframe Manifestation Method. Come ready to deep dive into a single area of your life specifically (ie finances / work / a specific type of relationship). See you soon!

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the Self Study Program:
Empowerment from the Inside
The Self Study Program is a 9-month deep dive into your Self through guided personal development, accountability, and care.
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