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Hosted by: the Duality Project

The Duality Project is empowerment from the inside. We seek to live life on purpose so that we can more intentionally and intimately show up in our relationships, and our communities. With a healthier perspective...


#13 Bonus: WE WROTE A BOOK!

Season #1 Episode #13

On loneliness, growth, and the new My Self Study Practice Guided Workbook and Journal that's available now on Amazon!    This is a short snippet from on Boundaries when Ruby and Kate are talking about the announcement...
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#14 on Rest

Season #1 Episode #14

It's time to cozy up in your jammies for this one because our third to last theme *of the Self Study Program* is rest. Bet you didn't think rest was coming did ya?! We tell this story in this episode: in the 2020 Self...
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#15 Here's What You Need to Know: Applications for the Self Study Program are officially open!

Season #1 Episode #15

My Neck, My Back, *my application, and my favorite life hack* GREAT NEWS: APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2023 SELF STUDY PROGRAM ARE OPEN! Apply now for one of three cohorts (and if you don't fall into any of these categories,...
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#16 Bonus: Big Hairy Ass News: the You're Doing Great Shop is Open!

Season #1 Episode #16

Hey, You're Doing Great! The shop is designed to connect you to your SELF. To serve as a reminder that Doing this Work may be uncomfortable, but it can be cozy (and fun!). And to start conversations that deepen...
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#17 Ins and Outs of 2023: It's Your Year

Season #1 Episode #17

We're saying goodbye to the things that are out like entitlement, wellness culture, and gaslighting, and giving a BIG WARM WELCOME to to things like pleasure, boundaries, and rituals that are IN for 2023! Upcoming...
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#18 on Compassion

Season #1 Episode #18

In this episode on Compassion, Kate and Ruby talk about how their experience with and understanding of compassion has evolved over the years. Jack Kornfield, an American writer and mindfulness teacher says, "If your...
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#19 on Community & Connection

Season #1 Episode #19

This episode is allllll about connection, community, and how to make those things happen in your life. You require a baseline sense of safety *which includes the need of belonging*. What if safety was built into the...
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#20 Self Study Hot Takes 🎉

Season #1 Episode #20

That's a wrap! As Kate and Ruby wrap up Season 1, they take you through some of this year's Self Study Hot Takes. They share some tips, some learning, some tricks, and some openings. Trying to get a task done that you...
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#21 Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest with Ruby

Season #1 Episode #21

This is a 24 minute, guided Yoga Nidra (aka yoga sleep / NSDR) for deep rest. Make yourself comfy, and enjoy! Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique where the practitioner enters the deep states of conscious relaxation....
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#22 on Duality, Nuance, Full Circle Moments

Season #2 Episode #22

Holy Sh*t welcome to Season 2 of the Self Study Podcast by the Duality Project! What's in store for Season 2?! Guests, guests, and more guests! How does sex and pleasure apply to your Self Study Practice? How does...
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#23 What Even IS Coaching?! on Acceptance, Co-Creation, Self-Care, and Coaching Faux Pas with Taylor Elyse Morrison

Season #2 Episode #23

the Duality Project is SO excited to share this conversation with the podcast's very first guest: Taylor Elyse Morrison Founder, Facilitator, Coach, and Author.   Taylor, Kate, and Ruby dive deep into: - this month's...
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#24 Circling Back to Self: on Trust, Truth, and Tapping into Your Unique Value with Anna Vatuone

Season #2 Episode #24

Welcome to another episode of The Self Study Podcast, Season 2 Full Circle Moments.   Today, we delve deep into a topic that many of us grapple with - the intersection of trust and authenticity. We often ask...
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