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10 reasons you are ready now for the Self Study Program

newsletters self study Mar 06, 2024

Kate and I have been talking a lot about the lie of *READY*. 

Personally, I've never felt ready for any leap in my life... I've just felt a tug and leaned in.

But in all those instances of not feeling ready for the leap, I have known I was ready for something. That readiness is what propelled me to jump.

Like when I moved across the country to Athens from LA, I was ready for possibility and the opportunity to do something FOR MYSELF.

When I opened my yoga studio at 24, I was ready for community, leadership, and purpose.

When I left a 10 year relationship, I was ready for a love that could see and understand me and meet me halfway.

When I met Jake, I was ready for partnership, intimacy, and adventure.

When I sold my business and moved to Colorado, I was ready for rest and healing.

Every time there's this belief that it could be different, and it could be better. 


The 2024 Self Study Program starts in TWO WEEKS, and you might find yourself thinking: that sounds nice, but how do I know this is what I'm ready for?

Well, I thought you might say that, so here are 10 reasons you are ready now for the Self Study Program

  1. You Frequently Reflect on Past Interactions, wondering if you said the right thing or how you could have connected more authentically. This program is for you if you're ready to cultivate genuine relationships where you feel seen and heard.
  2. You Often Feel Like an Outsider, observing your peers pursuing traditional milestones and wondering why those paths don't seem fulfilling to you. This program will resonate if you're ready and curious about carving out a path that feels true to your inner self.
  3. You Critique Yourself Harshly, always feeling like you could have done more or been better. If you're ready to move from self-criticism to self-compassion, this program offers tools and community support to guide that transition.
  4. You Hesitate to Show Your True Self, worried about rejection or judgment. This program is ideal if you're ready to learn how to embrace vulnerability as a strength, allowing for deeper connections and personal growth.
  5. You're Exhausted by Pretending to have it all together, wearing a mask to fit in or meet societal expectations. If you're ready for a space where you can be your authentic self without fear, this program promises such a sanctuary.
  6. You Grapple with Saying "No," often overcommitting or prioritizing others' needs over your own well-being. This program can help you if you're ready to learn the art of setting healthy boundaries and respecting your limits.
  7. You Find Yourself at a Crossroads, unsure of which direction to take in your career, relationships, or personal life. If you're seeking clarity and you're ready to make choices aligned with your true desires, this program offers guidance and support.
  8. Nighttime Finds You Ruminating on what could go wrong, or replaying scenarios where you felt inadequate. This program is designed for those who are ready to break free from the cycle of worry and embrace a more peaceful, self-assured approach to life.
  9. You Question the Depth of Your Relationships, feeling like they lack the substance or connection you crave. If you're ready for a community where you can form meaningful bonds based on authenticity and shared growth, this program is for you.
  10. You Often Feel Drained, struggling to find time for yourself amid the hustle of daily life. If you're ready to integrate rest and self-care as non-negotiable elements of your routine, this program will teach you how to prioritize your well-being effectively.

If at least 1 of these resonates, then the Program is for you, and you are ready.

"For the first time in my life the way that I am feels like enough."

This is how Hannah described her experience of the Self Study Program last year.

So what do you think? Are you ready?


Let's go!

You're Doing Great,

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