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Welcome to the blog by the Duality Project. We're so glad you're here. Within these papers, you'll find stories, explorations of ideas, emotions, and learnings. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Finding Our Way: The Soft Side of Boundaries boundaries self study self study coaching Sep 01, 2023

Storytime with Ruby

Hey there,
Guess what? The Self-Study Program's theme for this month is... wait for it... Boundaries! And let me tell you, eyes popped and jaws literally hit the floor during our last Zoom call. It's funny how we all get jittery at the mere mention of the B-word. Don't...
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A How To Guide to Winning at Therapy boundaries freedom Aug 25, 2023

Storytime With Kate

Eww we're in the theme of Boundaries in the 2023 Self Study Program.

This is the 3rd year of the Self Study Program and every year I get a new challenge around boundaries. It feels like the universe keeps gently up-leveling my need for boundaries. I'll get some cute practice,...

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Creating Fierce and Meaningful Relationships: Tips to Embracing Intimacy and Setting Boundaries boundaries relationship development self study Jul 25, 2023

Storytime with Kate

yes, there's a your dreams, your fantasies, and the things you long for

So in my email a few weeks ago I shared that I'm writing a weekly love letter to my last week's self and my next week's self.

I'm loving this practice.

And when I wrote my letter to last week...

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