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Navigating our bonds in a tech-driven world: Are you with me?

connection & community newsletters self study Oct 27, 2023

Storytime with Ruby

Do you remember those days in your 20s when friendships felt like a wide-open grab bag? It was almost as if, "If they like me, I should probably like them back, right?" That’s how it was for me. I felt a duty to make room for everyone, collecting friends like cherished keepsakes. Yet as the pages of time turned, many factors – not least of all 2020 – reshaped my friendship landscape.

While some bonds softened into fond memories, others concluded with a jarring echo. But even in those tumultuous times, treasures like Kate shone through, reminding me that quality always trumps quantity.

Despite our modern world brimming with instant messages, FaceTime calls, and countless notifications, true connection feels increasingly rare. Kate and I recently swapped digital for direct, enjoying a screen-free escape in Colorado. Between laughs, nature walks, work, and yes, getting hooked on a retro gem – "Bad Girls" (1994, starring Drew Barrymore) – the value of real-life connections became more evident than ever.

In a recent session, my therapist introduced me to the term 'technology fatigue'. Makes sense, right? As much as virtual hangs have their merits, they can't quite capture the magic of in-person moments. It made me wonder: Is digital exhaustion causing us to inadvertently drift from the ones we hold dear?

Reflecting on my friendships, the tried-and-trues, the old and new, I’m awash with gratitude for the steadfast few who've been anchors in my journey. As Jake and I toast to our first year as a married couple, I’m committed to ensuring our narrative doesn’t read, "They wed, then went MIA."

While fleeting chats and light banter have their space, it’s those soulful, heart-to-heart conversations that enrich my life. Admittedly, I've sometimes let too much time slip between catching up with friends. But this year? I’m intentionally nurturing those bonds.

This is tugging at my heartstrings:

Sometimes, without meaning to, we might let a bit too much distance creep in.

Do you feel that too? If so, maybe it’s time for a little nudge. Drop a message, make that call, or just send a meme that says, "Thinking of you!"

From my heart to yours,

P.S. Let's not wait for 'somedays'. Today seems like a perfect day to cherish those who light up our world. ๐Ÿ’–

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