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Ready, Set, Play: The Game of Life Awaits!

embodiment freedom newsletters reparenting self study self-care Sep 29, 2023

 Storytime with Ruby

Hold down that left arrow! Now, press forward. Got it? Awesome! Boost with X and take a leap with A.
🌟 Ding-Ding-Ding! New Level Unlocked! Next Adventure Loading... 🌟
Confetti billows around you, and you gracefully bow your head, a princess in the virtual realm.
Growing up, I was never much of a gamer. My only console was a Gameboy, a travel companion reserved for those "Are we there yet?" moments during family road trips.
It wasn't until I met my husband, Jake, that I began to see the world of gaming in a new light. Previously, I'd questioned the value of video games, but Jake believes it's been a joystick journey to his personal growth. His conviction got me thinking... and rethinking.
We'll deep-dive into the "Game or No Game" debate later. For now, let's hit the nostalgia button. Think back to the magical world of games. They've been around for centuries, purely for amusement. From digital escapades to Candy Land, games added that special sparkle. Remember the thrill of capturing all the marbles in Hungry, Hungry Hippo, feeling like Saharan royalty?
I fondly recall visiting my cousin's house, where we'd immerse ourselves in "Pretty, Pretty Princess," a board game that let us dress up in gowns, jewels, and crowns. The sheer delight of layering necklace upon necklace made me feel both regal and free.
What's your favorite game, whether digital or traditional? What memories do you cherish from the games of your childhood? What did those experiences teach you?
Games are the magic portals in our daily grind. They whisk us away, offering fresh adventures, challenges, and sometimes, those much-needed do-overs.
Imagine if we approached life with the same zest we have for games. You win some, you face-plant some, but there's always another challenge, another round, new friends to meet, another story to craft.
Jake's life philosophy? "Life's a game, so play with gusto!" While I've always been a bit more grounded, this perspective has been a game-changer. (🥁 ba-bam-cha!) Every hurdle becomes a puzzle, every achievement a level-up. And if things don't pan out? There's always a "Continue?" option.
The pressure to excel in life can be overwhelming. But when I view life as a game, the world brims with possibilities. I can be anyone, do anything, and continually evolve. The tools I've acquired over the years are at my disposal, ready to assist in any quest.
Reframing life as a delightful game I get to play feels restorative. It's a sigh of relief, a refreshing change. As I pen this, I can feel a weight lifting off my shoulders.
🎵 Bonus Round: Self Study Program Theme of the Month – Rest 🎵
Riddle me this: What's common between a sunbath, a good night's sleep, and a round of Tetris?
They're all recharging! Whether it's physical relaxation or mental rejuvenation, if it fuels you, it's rest. Seeing life as a grand game? It's my personal power-up, a dash of joy in the everyday.
So, fellow adventurer, what's your next move? Fancy a trip down memory lane with a childhood board game? Or perhaps a pixel-packed quest with Mario and Luigi? And for those feeling nostalgic, Snake awaits with its simple charm. 🐍
I challenge you: this week, indulge in a game as a form of rest.
How would your perspective shift if you didn't take life too seriously? What if every decision was just another move in the game? What if life could be not just a journey but a fun-filled adventure?
I'd bet on you!
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