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Unveiling Season 2 of the Self Study Podcast: Diving into Duality, Nuance, and Full Circle Moments

podcast self study the duality project Oct 04, 2023

Welcome, avid learners, to a brand-new season of the Self Study Podcast by the Duality Project! As we kick off Season 2, prepare yourself for a journey that draws the curtain back on a multitude of themes, exploring the multifaceted aspects of self-study. From exploring the realms of sex and pleasure to dabbling in the intricate worlds of entrepreneurship and leadership, we've sculpted this season to address an array of compelling topics.


Guests Galore: A Season to Look Forward To!

Season 2 comes bearing the gift of insights not just from your hosts, Kate & Ruby, but also from a diverse ensemble of guests, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to enrich your self-study practice. Get ready to dive deep into a variety of themes – sex, pleasure, entrepreneurship, leadership, dating, religion, and friendships. Yes, we are leaving no stone unturned this season, as we delve into the varied aspects of life and self that often interlink in unexpected ways.

We welcome your involvement and curiosity! Please send us your topic and guest requests on Instagram at @myselfstudypractice or shoot us an email at [email protected].

Announcing the Limited Series: The Duality of Harm and Healing

In an exciting revelation, Kate & Ruby announce an upcoming limited series podcast and workshop titled "the Duality of Harm and Healing," zeroing in on the fitness, yoga, and wellness industry. A topic that resonates on multiple levels, addressing the paradoxes that often dwell within spaces meant for healing and wellness. Ensure you're subscribed to the Duality Project newsletter to receive all the details, updates, and more, straight into your inbox!

Spotlight on Duality: Unraveling the Core of the Project

In this inaugural episode of the season, the focal point of the conversation spirals around "what is Duality?" Duality is not merely a concept but a pervasive theme that permeates our lives, embodying the existence of two principles, elements, or perspectives. The discussion delves into the genesis of "the Duality Project," exploring its roots, inspirations, and the underpinning philosophy that guides it.

Duality encapsulates the recognition and acceptance of the coexistence of opposing forces and ideas. From the intertwining of harm and healing in wellness spaces to the balancing act between personal life and leadership roles, understanding and navigating through these dual aspects can pave the way for enriched learning and development.


Embark on this enthralling journey with us through Season 2 of the Self Study Podcast by the Duality Project, where each episode promises not just a topic for discussion, but a subject for reflection and self-study. As we navigate through the meandering paths of duality, nuance, and full-circle moments, we invite you to be not just a listener, but an active participant in this explorative journey.

Stay tuned, stay curious, and let’s explore the multifaceted dimensions of self and life together!


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