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Understanding Coaching: A Deep Dive with Taylor Elyse Morrison

acceptance podcast self study Oct 05, 2023

Welcome back to the Duality Project, where we unfold the multifaceted world of coaching and personal development through invigorating conversations and insightful discussions. In the second episode of our second season, we are thrilled to introduce our very first podcast guest, Taylor Elyse Morrison. Taylor is not just a founder and facilitator but also a coach and author, lending her unique perspective and wealth of experience to our vibrant discussion on coaching.


Exploring Acceptance: Embracing and Understanding Self

This month, our theme revolves around the pivotal concept of Acceptance. Acceptance is not merely about tolerating or acknowledging various aspects of life and self, but it is a profound, embracing understanding that empowers transformation. Taylor, alongside our hosts Kate and Ruby, plumbs the depths of what acceptance truly means in the realm of self-development and how it can be a catalyst for genuine change.

The Power and Potential of Co-Creation

Another pivotal topic that our discussion ventured into was Co-Creation. The power and potential that lie within the collaborative spirit of co-creation are immense. Taylor highlights how this approach does not only enhance the personal development journey but also intricately weaves a tapestry where both the coach and the client contribute to a mutually enriching experience. This co-creative process acknowledges and uplifts the expertise and perspectives of each individual, crafting a journey that is both shared and singularly unique.

Self-Care: A Gateway to Ethical Practice in Coaching

The dialogue also brought to light the significance of Self-Care not merely as a practice but as an access point to ethics within the coaching industry. The trio elucidated how an authentic commitment to self-care is intrinsically linked to ethical practice and integrity within the profession. It extends beyond the boundaries of self-preservation and wellness, intertwining with how coaches engage with their clients and uphold the ethical standards of their practice.


Addressing Coaching Faux Pas: Valuation of Work and Expertise

Unfortunately, the coaching industry, in certain dimensions, has set itself up for failure by undervaluing the work of coaches and the expertise of clients. A candid discussion on this matter exposed how this undervaluation not only undermines the profession but also dilutes the efficacy and impact that coaching can have on individuals and organizations. However, not all is gloomy and Taylor, Kate, and Ruby, with their characteristic optimism, ponder upon how recognizing and appreciating the true value of coaching and client expertise can pave the way for a more robust and impactful coaching industry.

Looking Forward: Ideas and Innovations

The good news is, we aren’t merely observers and commentators on these topics. We bring forth ideas, innovations, and perhaps a few surprises to navigate through the realms of acceptance, co-creation, self-care, and industry faux pas. Stay tuned as we explore these thoughts in upcoming episodes, ensuring that our discussions are not just thought-provoking but also action-inspiring.

Join us on this enlightening journey with Taylor Elyse Morrison as we delve into these critical aspects of coaching, explore the challenges, celebrate the possibilities, and envision a future where coaching is not just a tool but a transformative journey co-created with ethical integrity and mutual respect. Your expertise as a client and a co-creator is not just valued but vital in this journey.


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