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Unlocking Your Potential with Compassion: The Magic of Love Letters and Goals

compassion self awareness exercise self study Jul 10, 2023

Storytime with Kate

Well, I was on the internet the other day and I was actually hit with a post where I was like... Yes. Immediately yes.


I don't know if you know this about me, but I recently took some much needed time away from instagram. When it was happening I was like, "this is it! This is the answer to all my shit." And in the moment it truly was. And wouldn't you know it I'm back on there like it's my job again...

and wouldn't you know it, I'm posting more for work so that more and more people learn the My Self Study Practice and implement it in their life and feel a little more spaciousness, a little more access to love, a little more... themselves... that's what it's given me all these years, and, over and over again I see it happen with clients.

We unravel the tight little ball we're in, and the grass on this side starts to get greener, and when that doesn't happen, the little leap that it'll take to get to the grass that's actually greener gets smaller and smaller... water the grass where you want to be. And then be there enjoying the grass. Also boo big lawns! Come garden with me?! Seriously though I do need someone to help me take some trees down in my back yard so we can get enough light for the garden to thrive... hmu.


ANYWAY, I was scrolling. And I saw someone share how a friend had been writing love letters to herself instead of goal setting. Ruby and I have been writing love letters for years - AND I rearranged my office and my post-it note project with my goals on it all needed to move.






As a used to be daily journal-er, I hadn't taken to this year's journal since May, and it was February 1 before that... those entries were heavy y'all. No wonder I haven't been journaling. It wasn't all that kind or inspired... and I don't recall it being all that helpful either.


So here's the new plan that I'm pretty excited about:


Part 1:

- Write goals in forms of affirmation "My relationships are intimate, open, and reciprocal" "My work creates financial freedom, access, and possibility."


Part 2:

- Write a love letter to last week's Kate


Part 3:

- Write a love letter to next week's Kate


I'm gonna go for it once a week! I'll keep you posted :)


It's refreshing to come to the stuff you used to love in a new way. It's ok to take a break from the things you love - you'll come back when you're ready. It's ok to take a break from working on yourself too. Sometimes, life is going to seriously throw some life at you that needs all of your attention. That's ok. But don't forget that you need some of your attention too.


"Attention is an important resource." - bell hooks All About Love


Put down the book about grief, and pick up a novel instead. Let it show you something.

Put down the podcast about optimizing yourself and listen to one about how to feel sexy.

Stop going to your same ol class and try learning a new skill: pole dancing, weightlifting, cooking: but remember, when you try something new it's gonna be hard - it's your first day, give yourself a break and keep trying. You're gonna get better. It's how practice works.



- k

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