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Become the Person You've Always Needed

newsletters trust Mar 17, 2024

Storytime with Kate

the Self Study Program is a practice of becoming the person you've always needed.

That could actually be the end of the post!

               I'll elaborate:


On an IG live the other day I shared this little nugget that really struck a chord for Ruby: The opposite of anxiousness is peace.

And peace isn't control, peace is trust. 

Trust in yourself, trust in something bigger, and trust that you're truly not in control...


This past week has rocked me in a way that I didn't see coming... I guess I never do. 

I got rocked this week - specifically Wednesday. Anyone else?!

Anyway, it's been pretty deep stuff around being seen and perceived and all that.

I took to my journal for a while as part of my Self Study Practice (aka: paying attention to myself).


And what I uncovered is a little glimmer of proof that I am the person that I needed then, and wouldn't you know it, also capable of being the person that I need now. Trust. Peace.


I get that sounds a little in the clouds... so here are some recent examples:

When I was a kid, I was discouraged from saying my point of view. 

Now, I encourage myself to speak up. I hear myself saying, "I disagree with that." Trust. Peace.

When I was a kid, when someone said something to me about my body, I was encouraged to say, "thank you" instead of "that shit wasn't a compliment and I don't appreciate you saying that." I said exactly that the other day to a fellow trainer who was out of line :) Trust. Peace.

When I was a kid, I was encouraged to let someone else go ahead of me even if I really wanted to take a turn. 

Now when I'm in the gym and someone steps into the area I'm using, with confidence I hear myself say, "Hey I'm right in the middle of a few sets there but we can totally take turns or you can wait until I'm finished if that's better for you." Trust. Peace.

When I was a kid, I was encouraged to let disrespect towards me slide in case they were having a bad day. 

Now I can have compassion for their bad day without allowing them to make me their personal punching bag. Trust. Peace.


I can be, I have been, angry that I wasn't taught how to have, or even that I was allowed to have, more respect for my needs as a kid... more respect for myself as a person.

I still get angry about that when I realize that I'm disrespecting myself.

And now, through years of being in My Self Study Practice, I compassionately come back to myself with kindness, and firmness. With help from my friends. Trust. Peace.

I am the person who I needed. I keep becoming this person too.

Trust. Peace.


And I realize that when I take the space to see myself.

For me, it's sitting out in the sun on my back porch with my dog and my journal. Trust. Peace.


Who do you need?

Imagine this: if you had a parent as an adult, what would they be like? What would they encourage you to do? How would they help you? What would they say to you when you feel down or alone or scared?


the 2024 Self Study Program starts on 3/20/24.

You'll become who you need.

You'll find out what integrity looks like for you.

You'll find out what it means to be responsible and accountable to you and your values.

You'll find out what it means to LIVE your values instead of just say them.

You'll find out how to be a better friend, partner, loved one - to yourself, and others.


Ruby wrote this post called 10 Reasons You're Ready For The Self Study Program. Read it :) You'll feel seen, you'll feel understood, you'll feel ready.


Become the Person You Need in 2024.


You're doing so great hun.

Ruby and I are on your team.



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