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if life's a marathon...

newsletters self study Mar 25, 2024


Life really be life-in', dontcha think?

Sometimes it feels like: if it's not one thing, it's another.

The typical duties and responsibilities (ie laundry, dishes, groceries, bills, work) PLUS the ongoing curveballs (sickness, injury, accidents, transition, loss) mean that sometimes living can feel overwhelming.

If life is serving you aces at the moment (I hope this is true!) and this lil note doesn't exactly resonate right now as you're reading this, I'm sure you can think back to a time when life felt impossibly hard.

And I don't know about you, but when my life feels impossibly hard, it can feel impossibly impossible to do the things I know could help me feel better.

Which is why it's so important for me to do the things that help me feel good consistently as much as possible, so that when life is life-in' I can 1) be fortified to handle it, and 2) be more likely to do the things that I'm used to doing consistently that benefit my overall wellbeing.


Last week I ran the NYC Half Marathon. Running for 13 miles is not a feat I classify as easy, no matter who you are. 13 miles is a long way to run!

I felt a little nervous going into it. "I hope I'm prepared. I hope my body does ok. I hope I won't be miserable. I hope I can make it."

To my surprise and delight, it went incredibly well! I had so much fun. I wasn't miserable at all, and other than my knees and ankles feeling a bit achey, my body felt great.

But I didn't just roll up onto the starting line cold turkey.

I trained for 10 weeks. I trained at a faster pace than my goal. I trained at altitude. I trained in the wintertime in Colorado.

That training paid off and allowed me to have an incredibly memorable experience.


So what does my half marathon have to do with life feeling shitty sometimes?

Well all week I've been thinking about how the My Self Study Practice is the training program for the half marathons of life. 

Sometimes you may be able to anticipate an upcoming challenge, and sometimes life gets hard all of a sudden and you never saw it coming.

Either way, if you're training, you'll be ready.

When we do hard things on purpose, it makes the unanticipated hard things feel more surmountable.


The My Self Study Practice helps us to train for life, to do hard things on purpose IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY. The themes help you to set up an inner home within yourself that can support whatever life throws your way.

(And it doesn't involve running 😅, unless of course, you're into that.)

The framework can be applied alongside your self-care and wellbeing to deepen your relationship with yourself and your life.


While it may sound unrelated, the My Self Study Practice helped me train for my half marathon.

It's our practices + our Way of Being that determine how we handle challenges. 

So when life's life-in', you can have the My Self Study Practice to get you to the finish line.


Life can be hard, but it doesn't have to be miserable. You don't have to do it alone. It can be better.

Get your copy of the My Self Study Practice Guided Workbook and Journal and book a Discovery Call here so that when life's life-in', you're ready.

I see you. I love you. I am SO GLAD you're here.


Keep running the marathon of life!

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