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So what?

connection & community freedom newsletters self study Apr 10, 2024

Storytime with Ruby

This morning I came straight to the window where the sunrise shines through. I pulled up a chair and I sat, mason jar of water in tow. I'm still sitting here now, the particular warmth of the morning sun gracing me with its embrace. I turn my face to the sun, close my eyes, and I automatically breathe fuller, soaking up the rays. I think "this is a peace-bomb," and then I giggle to myself. An oxymoron that we could all use more of: peace-bombs.
I recently came across some piece of content somewhere. I truly cannot recall who, when, where, but the what they were getting at was this: So what? And I've been thinking about this simple question ever since.
So what?
I can't exactly remember when I first started caring about my growth and personal development; it was somewhere between eight and twelve years old. That was around the time we started having annual family meetings (highly recommend!), I started taking violin lessons, I got more involved in church, and I vividly remember reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People when I was in middle school.
Sadly, as an adolescent and young adult if you were to ask me So what? about my growth, my response would have been something like,
  • because I'm supposed to
  • because God says so
  • because this is how to be good
  • because this is how to be successful
  • because this is the right thing to do
I wanted to do the right thing because I was afraid of doing the wrong thing.
And unless you were explicitly taught otherwise, this might sound something like your experience, too?
Developing the My Self Study Practice came from a deep desire for the So what's to be less about running away of what I didn't want to happen and instead running toward what I know to be possible.
And what I know to be possible are peace-bombs, more and more of them; moments of peace that wash over me completely and remind me:
  • that we're all part of something bigger,
  • that we can't do it wrong,
  • that there's nothing to fix,
  • that God isn't looming over us waiting for us to fuck up and write us off for good,
  • that we are not our productivity,
  • that we can trust ourselves
So we set up a framework of nine themes to support you in your relationship with yourself... So what?
It's time for you to have more peace-bombs in your life, that's what.
And you get there by improving the relationship with yourself, one loving, sustainable day at a time. It's why we offer the Self Study Program, 1-on-1 Self Study Coaching, the My Self Study Practice Guided Workbook and Journal.... it's why we post on socials and send these emails...
So what? If you get to live your life with more glimmers, more love for yourself, more peace, then we've done our job.
I'm so glad you're here.
You're Doing Great,
PS What's a recent peace-bomb moment for you? If you can't think of one, can you create one today? Comment and tell me about it! I'd love to share in the joy of your peace, one peace-bomb at a time.
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