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this is a very important reminder for unshakeable belonging

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I wanna keep this short and sweet, so I'm gonna dive right in...

I am so proud to say that in the lives of my clients, friends, and myself, we've really been showing how much we've grown lately! Specifically when it comes to leaning into a new way of being or a brave new choice. 

We are doing the things!

The rewiring of neural networks from shame to belonging is like a live-wire, hot and sparky, and getting re-soldered in a new direction, thanks to the consistent work we've done with the My Self Study Practice themes.

And while this is a huge reason to celebrate, that acknowledgement can sometimes get covered up in disappointment if the experience doesn't ultimately pan out how we hoped it would.

You know what I mean? 

Sometimes you do something brave or new and it doesn't exactly go how you wanted or intended it to go. 

They still don't understand you.
That person doesn't stay.
The insurance company doesn't apologize for their screwup.
Your coach doesn't give you a refund.
It doesn't turn into a lasting friendship.

And oof, that sucks.

But let me tell you - That is ok.

I want to remind you that you still get credit for doing the thing.

It's brave of you to choose a different response, and no one can take that from you.

Sometimes shitty things just happen. That's life, unfortunately, right? But if you get wrapped up in focusing on the shit on your shoe you might forget to acknowledge that you did a monumental thing by stepping outside into the fresh air, into freedom.

You see, when you come from acceptance as a practice, the courageous thing that you do creates access to freedom, whether it turns out how you thought is should or could or would or not.

Every action you take reinforces a pattern, and in the future it'll be easier to do that thing. Even if it's just a little tiny smidge easier, it'll be easier.

So whether you're speaking up for yourself, trying a new hobby, or meeting friends out in the wild the bit of discomfort from reinforcing a new path is worth it even if it doesn't turn out how you hoped it would.

You're still doing GREAT.

I am so proud of you.

It can be so easy to invalidate your progress when something doesn't go exactly how you wish it would have. If there's disappointment, that makes sense. And that's ok. But don't let that disappointment overshadow the well-deserved accolades of stepping boldly into new territory in the name of your self-belonging!

What's something brave you've done lately? Maybe it's a small choice to embody a new way of being? An intentional habit? A surprising shift?

Reply and share. I want to celebrate with you!

Last thing: We would love to see you at our upcoming free class: from not enough to owning your YOU era. It's a perfect opportunity to keep up the momentum you've been building!

I see you ❤️

You're doing great,

PS Keep it up. Your consistency carves the new path forward. It's why we created the My Self Study Practice. So that you can have a framework to support you in showing up for yourself better. So that you can bridge the gap between who you want to be and how you show up. So that your shame can transform into an unshakeable belonging.

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